Flexible Family Systems Therapy

When a person becomes addicted to alcohol or drugs, he or she is not the only one who suffers. Families get pulled into the cycle of enabling, anger, grief, and trauma that result from substance abuse. Research has shown that having a support system is instrumental to sustaining long-term recovery — and families are well-positioned to become that support system.

But family members also need healing, not just the individual suffering from addiction. Many treatment centers incorporate a form of family therapy, but at BeWell Network, we have a unique approach: flexible family systems therapy that promotes ongoing, whole-family healing and long-term support.

Traditional Family Therapy vs. Our Approach

Traditional family therapy often involves a few sessions where family members enter into the therapy process as a group. Usually they are ready to vent their frustrations and point fingers. This airing of grievances, while it can offer some relief from the pressure cooker that substance abuse has created, is not always restorative. 


Sometimes a plan is created, but it takes time for everyone to get engaged. Sometimes the family is educated on addiction and is able to better understand their loved one’s condition and treatment process, which can be very helpful. But addiction is complex, and there are plenty of unknowns that the family must deal with. It can be difficult to cover all the problems and possibilities in just a few sessions.


At BeWell Network, we go far beyond the traditional approach. We believe families need healing for their own trauma outside of the addicted individual’s recovery process. We recognize that trauma is often passed down within families — and that certain family dynamics may be chronically unhealthy, whether they existed prior to the individual’s addiction or not. We know that loved ones feel emotionally and mentally worn out. We also understand that for everyone to heal, they must all recognize how to participate, grow, adapt, and support one another.


“The strong bonds of the family, when healthy, can help keep a person involved in treatment and in their own recovery process,” says Lynn Marie Saso, Clinical Director at BeWell Network. “You can have a treatment professional checking in on you, but if you also have your dad, your sister, your brother, your best friend checking in on you, the effect is much more powerful. People get discouraged in recovery — that’s natural. It’s the support system of family and friends that help them stay involved long enough that they experience true healing of the mind, body, and spirit.”

Healing for the Whole Family

From your very first call to our team, we are on the phone with your family to create alignment and understanding. We coach families throughout the treatment process and help them participate in positive ways. We provide a safe atmosphere for family members to express themselves, heal, and become part of the addicted individual’s support system.

What if the addicted individual does not have a family to rely on? In these cases, we connect with supportive friends and individuals who function as family in order to get them involved in the recovery process. We speak with them regularly, equipping them and giving them a plan for supporting their friend when treatment ends. 

We work diligently with family, supportive friends, counselors, and treatment consultants to provide the best opportunity for individuals in recovery to re-enter the world successfully and live fulfilling lives.



Our flexible family systems therapy approach teaches the following to families:

  • How to express your emotion in healthy ways
  • How to break the cycle of trauma and pain within the family
  • How to establish strong, healthy connections so that the addicted individual continues to participate in treatment
  • How to align on important points and principles, creating a system for accountability
  • How to get healthy themselves so they can be on the same page once their loved one leaves treatment
  • How to move forward without resentment
  • How to create the proper boundaries should their loved one relapse

Creating Systems for Sustainable Recovery

It can be easy for family members to become depressed or cynical as a loved one enters treatment, especially if that person has had chronic issues or has been to treatment multiple times. Our treatment professionals work with families to dissolve resentment, empower each person, and create alignment. 


You may have been to family sessions and family weekends before, but we offer a comprehensive approach that is integrative, ongoing, and truly unique. We will help you heal, develop appropriate boundaries, create a plan, and deal with all the “what if’s” that may arise during or after your loved one’s treatment experience

Help for Addiction and Family Trauma at BeWell Network

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