Our compassionate administrative, clinical and medical team have a collective 100 years of experience in the field of treatment. Our treatment is trauma-informed and characterized by the use of evidence-based practices such as DBT, CBT, and Motivational Interviewing. Our clinicians exercise a multidisciplinary approach, working together to devise treatment plans that meet the specific needs of each person. Our emphasis on self-care extends into health groups, expressive therapies, and behaviorally-focused approaches to maintaining recovery. We understand the variety of factors that influence total wellness and have built our program around the components that can foster a sustainable, fulfilling life in recovery.

  • Scott Ward
    Scott Ward
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Bruce Berman
    Bruce Berman
    Vice President - Marketing
  • Dane Coates
    Dane Coates
    Director of Marketing
  • Regina Hulten
    Regina Hulten
    Corporate Controller
  • Desiree Papadimitriou
    Desiree Papadimitriou
    HR Director
  • Lisa Merry, LMFT
    Lisa Merry, LMFT
    Program Director - Orange Country Region